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Claims in relation to COVID-19

No, the Policy does not provide any cover for COVID-19, and We will not (under any sections) pay for claims of any kind directly arising from or, relating to the Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) (or any mutation or variation thereof) and/or its outbreak.

No, your policy will not provide any cover for any costs you may incur if you are required to stay overseas due to a COVID-19 related border closure.

Yes, you will be covered for claims not related to COVID-19 subject to all policy terms, conditions and exclusions.  

If my flight was cancelled by an airline operator due to a border closure enforced by an Australian state government in relation to COVID-19, will I be covered?

No, this policy will not cover any government-enforced border closures due to COVID-19.

I booked a trip in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic for a trip to an overseas location in 2021, I wish to cancel this trip due to the COVID-19 situation overseas and quarantine requirement by Australia government. Will I be covered if my travel agent does not refund my booking?

In the event you have a disruption to your Trip causing a Cancellation, Curtailment or Trip Change that is necessary, unavoidable and unforeseen, We will pay up to the maximum relevant cover section limit inclusive of sub-limits as shown in the Schedule of Benefits in the new terms and conditions. 

In relation to travel outside of Australia, We consider COVID-19 to be a “foreseen circumstance” for policies issued and/or travel arrangements made under an existing policy that are paid for where travelling to the following areas and after the following dates:

5:00 pm (AEDT) on 22 January 2020 for Hubei province, China;

9:00 am (AEDT) on 02 February 2020 for mainland China; and

4:00 pm (AEDT) on 02 March 2020 for all other destinations outside Australia.

Therefore, if the insurance cover is activated after the above dates, COVID-19 is considered a “foreseen circumstance” and as such claims for trip cancellation or disruption are unlikely to be covered by the policy. 

Important Information
Please note that cover will also depend on your individual circumstances and the terms, conditions, exclusions and limits of the policy. Words used with capital letters are defined terms in the terms and conditions. You can find them either under the definitions section of the terms and conditions or within the specific coverage section. Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 23 001 642 020, Australian Financial Service (AFS) Licence No. 239687) (Chubb) is the insurer and issuer of the Qantas Premier Credit Card & Qantas Premier Titanium Credit Card Insurance Terms and Conditions. Where mentioned above “We”, “Us”, “Our” means Chubb. Qantas Premier insurance is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 23 001 642 020, AFSL No. 239687) (Chubb). Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits, eligibility and activation criteria apply to the policy.

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