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Can I pay more than my monthly instalment amount?

If you make a payment that exceeds the Minimum Payment Due plus any overdue amount:

  • the excess amount will be applied first to pay the balance of your account excluding any main instalment plan balance;
  • any further excess will be applied to pay the main instalment plan balance(s) (which results in an extra payment); and
  • where there are multiple instalment plans, unless you otherwise direct, we will apply extra payments to instalment plans in the order of instalment plan Annual Percentage Rate (APR)(first to the instalment plans with a higher APR), and if more than one has the same instalment plan APR first to the instalment plan that is set up earlier 

If you wish to make an additional payment towards your instalment plan, please make sure you contact us before making the payment by calling 1300 992 700 (or +61 2 8222 2569 if you're calling from overseas). If the instalment plan is your only outstanding balance, then any additional payment will be allocated to it and there is no need to contact us.

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