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How can I manage my Qantas Premier account?

The best way to manage your account is via the Qantas Money website or the Qantas Money app. You can:

  • See your balances, transaction history, and bill payment details
  • Download and print your statements
  • Activate your card and choose your card PIN
  • Cancel a lost or stolen card and request a replacement
  • Place a temporary lock on your card if you’ve misplaced it

Plus, the app also allows you to connect your other financial institutions’ accounts to get a full picture of your money in one place.

Download the Qantas Money app from the App Store or on Google Play™.

Find out more about the Qantas Money app

You can also self-service your account by calling 1300 992 700 and following the prompts. Qantas Premier Titanium cardholders can call their Dedicated Concierge using the number found on the back of their card or in the Qantas Money App.

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