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Why was my request to add my card to Google Wallet declined?

If you’re unable to add your card:

  1. Confirm you are connected to the internet.
  2. Check your device is eligible, by visiting Google Play supported devices - Google Play Help.
  3. Check the current status of your Qantas Premier credit card – e.g. check if there is a block on your card because of a late payment or you’ve reported it lost or stolen. In these cases, the card cannot be added.
  4. Ensure you have set up a screen lock before downloading Google Wallet. There is some helpful information on Set screen lock on an Android device - Android Help ( However, you may need to follow your device manufacturer’s instructions or call the device manufacturer’s help centre for further assistance.
  5. Please note your card is not ready for use with Google Pay until you verify your identity and card in Google Wallet.
  6. If you have another digital wallet selected as the default contactless payment method on your Android device, you may need to select Google Pay as your default method of contactless payment on your Android device. Use your Android device to select your default contactless payment method.
  7. Check if you’ve added your card on too many devices. There’s a limit on the maximum number of devices on which a card can be provisioned.

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