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I’ve forgotten my Qantas Pay card PIN, how do I retrieve it?

If you have a Qantas Pay card;

You can change your card PIN at any time online. Simply log in to Qantas Money website or the Qantas Money App:

  • Select your Qantas Pay card, 
  • 'Manage’, then 
  • 'Change card PIN' where you will be prompted to enter your card CVC to verify it’s you
  • Choose card PIN
  • Confirm card PIN and then you are ready to go.

If you have a Qantas Frequent Flyer card with Qantas Travel Money included;

To retrieve your card PIN, log in to the Qantas Money website or mobile app. Select your Qantas Pay account > Manage > Reveal card PIN. Simply answer a few security questions, and your PIN will be revealed.

Please note, only one digit will be revealed at a time, with a 3 second delay in between. For security reasons, the PIN will not be displayed in full.

You can also call Mastercard Qantas Pay Global Support on 1300 992 700 (from within Australia) or +61 1300 825 302 (if overseas) to receive an automated PIN read back at any time. We’ll identify and verify you before we securely remind you of your card PIN.

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