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Trip Cancellation and Amendment

The FAQs are a summary only; they are not an exhaustive list of the coverage, terms, conditions or exclusions in the policy. Limits apply and vary with each plan. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further information about the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy.

Is cover provided for trip cancellation, curtailment or change due to a natural disaster at my intended travel destination?

Yes, provided there had been no official published warning (prior to making the relevant booking) that a natural disaster had occurred or was likely to occur.

I am unable to obtain my passport, entry visa or other required documentation in time and need to cancel my trip. Is this covered?

No, failure to hold or obtain all required documentation for your trip is not covered.

If I need to cancel my trip due to an illness or injury before my departure, am I covered?

Yes, cover is provided for trip cancellation which is necessary and unavoidable as a result of an unforeseen illness or injury as confirmed by a doctor in writing. The illness or injury must first be contracted or occur after the policy is issued. It’s important to check the Terms and Conditions for relevant exclusions to the cover, including exclusions for any pre-existing medical conditions.

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